Importing furniture from China

The Chinese furniture market is awash with factories and manufacturers producing a vast array of different items and styles. Whether you are looking for a supplier to provide a broad range of furniture items or a niche selection, we have contacts right across the country and can help put you in touch with the best factories and suppliers to supply you with great stock at great prices.


Our network includes home and office furniture and our UK client base is a combination of commercial and residential furniture suppliers. 


When importing goods of any description, issues can arise around communication, quality control and legislation. You may not be able to travel abroad to assess the quality of the products and need a trusted partner on your side who can help you source and import goods. With over ** years’ experience in working with Chinese factory owners, we have built a solid reputation both in the UK and China as a company that will get business moving and cash flowing.

Our commitment to you is that we will source the furniture you want at the best possible price. Whether you’re starting a new furniture business or looking to take your existing company to the next level, we want to help you find the best Chinese furniture to import and meet your business goals.